Metronome - delay output (+ toggle source) needed

Hello. I would like to formally request the following: apply track delay/ (+/-milliseconds) to the metronome while recording. I imagine it could be an adjustment option within the metronome dialogue, where the settings are similar to the track delay setting we are used to seeing on individual tracks; otherwise the metronome could be on its own track, like the time signature and tempo tracks are–and then the usual “apply track delay” feature could be applied to offset the timing of the click’s sound (or MIDI, if a person uses MIDI click track) output. I imagine this would only apply while recording is activated.

I recently completed a massive new scoring template with Cubase/Nuendo and VEP. I’ve got the latency down to a point where I am happy and ready to rock–except that I am experiencing discrepancies when I input MIDI notes seemingly perfectly in time, while playing to the click track; namely, the notes are recording into the DAW ahead of the grid by approximately a 1/16th note. The solution would be to delay the sound output of the metronome while recording, so that I would end up playing the notes slightly later than I do now–and everything will then line up more perfectly. Currently the workaround of quantizing every performance takes a lot of time, which adds up over the course of a larger project–and it seems rather needless if this solution could be implemented. I’ll cross my fingers we see the feature in an update soon. In the meantime, I will probably just try to create an audio click with extra silence before the click.

I think this would also be useful in general; for instance, if the drummer tends to play slightly ahead or behind the click.

UPDATE: Another related request is to be able to quickly change the metronome source sound–meaning, without having to go into the metronome menu…as in, from the transport, would probably be ideal. In my case above, I am now using an audio click source with a slight delay to offset the note input timing issue, as I detailed above. This new delayed audio click is perfect for tracking MIDI precisely in time–however, the click is noticeably behind the beat during playback. It becomes a nuisance to have to keep hopping back and forth, via the metronome submenu–to change between the “in-time” metronome (for playback) versus the “delay offset” version (for live recording).


Or as a workaround You could Render the metronome to an Audio track and move that track in time.

Hi. Thanks for the response. Yes, rendering metronome as audio and moving it could also serve as a workaround (I love the newer “render click track” function!); alas, it would also take time. I am ultimately looking to save time over the course of larger projects, like film/tv scores. For now, I like my delayed click track workaround–although neither of the workarounds are perfect.

Here’s crossing fingers we see this idea implemented in an update soon. All the best!