Metronome Dropouts

As is stupidly am not allowed to post at the Cubase section as I have “only” a Nuendo licence, I have to start a duplicate thread.
This Post from one of the admins made me speechles:

Re: When I use two+ studio bus’s in CR, the metronome fails

Postby Guillermo » 29 Mar 2012 09:47
Hello All,

A bug report has been submitted and an investigation should be started shortly.
I wasn´t able to reproduce it on a Mac, is any one of you guys on a Mac, if so what OS?
I tried it on Mac OSX 10.7.3.
For what I could see on some of your Signatures, most of you are on Windows.

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This was akonwoldeged years ago and a fix was promised long ago and on March 29nd 2012 we get this ??

This abolutely unbelievable for someone who paid the high Nuendo price and the updates. So when can we expect a fix ? After two more paid updates in Nuendo 8 ?

Wow! The metronome dropouts issue is probably to longest unresolved defect that Steinberg ever had. It is nothing short of amazing to see the lack of support. I understand that fixing an issue is not as profitable or marketable as a shiny new feature, but this is really embarrassing after all this time!

Of course for those who have the issue the solution is to trigger MIDI (which works).

Sorry to say that…but…it’s true.
It should be a PRIORITY.

The whole metronome, time sigs thing is way overdue to be updated anyway. I don;t think there have been any improvements for many years and it’s not really good enough for any modern sequencer, never mind an application as expensive as Nuendo. I believe that some of the grid anomalies have been fixed, but I’m sure that some of these are wrong as well. Maybe musically literate people aren’t supposed to use Nuendo. :wink:


My Tip:

Miditime = Systemtime under devices

has helped me

Regards LW

What are you using for metronome? I haven’t experienced metronome dropout and I’m using the control room along with custom metronome samples.

I have in the past and from memory there weren’t any issues. Do you have a set of repro steps?

I’ve done a little bit of testing and I have been able to reproduce. It appears that when the system is above a certain load then the metronome is dropped in favor of other audio playing (perhaps someone from Steinberg can confirm this?). It should depend on how powerful your system is as to where that dropout point is and also goes some way to explaining why I have never encountered it before.

Perhaps there can be a feature request to allow metronome to assume higher playback priority or push it to a different CPU core.

No its not depending on power. I have a core2quad and get this dropouts when I try to record a guide guitar to an otherwise empty template.

In that case I was unable to reproduce as it was stable here until I started putting some strain on the CPU.

Metronome - who needs it anyways. I ONLY do free-form Jazz improv :unamused: :open_mouth:

I can not believe that this is still not fixed. The most important feature of a DAW… a working metronome… Ok - not for recording classical stuff or freejazz…