Metronome is printing when I record

Hey…my question of the day…Cubase Elements 12…it’s printing the metronome when I’m recording…its noy bleed from the headphones…I checked in Universal Control for my Presonus board and loopback is off…i’ll post a pic of the metronome settings

Generally Cubase has no option of recording the click mixed into another signal internally, so whatever is the reason its root is outside of Cubase.
This having said, you are using both audio and midi click at the same time. It could be that the midi click gets routed to the same instrument that you try to record. You can just disable the midi click to check if that is the cause.

If it is the audio click that gets recorded somehwere in your non-Cubase setup your routing an audio output back to the input.


In this case you have most probably Loopback enabled at you Audio Device’s driver/Control Panel.

Thanks…I think I fixed it…The instrument was on Ch, 7 so I out the audio input on Ch, 7 and no more click