Metronome is unwanted recorded to audiotrack

Dears, I tried out many hints and advises to solve the following but without success,The metronome is recorded to an audiotrack while recording audio. How can this beeing stoped? Using a Behringer 1202SFX as USB-Mixer device.
Thx in advance


Most often this happens, if any kind of Audio loopback is involved. Please, try to find if there is a loopback function on your Audio Device’s driver. If yes, make sure, it’s disabled.

Martin, it’s a mixer, the inputs go to the outputs and the output is routed to the DAW.
That’s a systematic problem with this kind of setup.


In these kind of devices, you can set it up (route it) so it doesn’t do this loopback.

Hi…thank you for writing. But how can I “route it”?

Do you know whether the “ASIO for all” has this option? And if yes, where to find?
Thx C.

In your audio connections add a stereo buss called click. You can route the click to a destination you want, including not connected. Then in your metronome setup choose which outputs you want the click to use.

None of the suggestions will work with this mixer. It’s a limitation of the device, as far as I can see.
No routing, no configuration.

Hi…I added a new stereo output bus. I routed in the metronome settings the click to this new stereo output (Loudspeaker of the Laptop).
I can now hear the click via the Laptop and the click will not recorded to the Audiosignal anymore.
(no input-bus added for using Laptop system. In case of adding by accident, microphone of Laptop might record the click and click appears in the recorded audio).