Metronome issues

Does anyone know how to make the metronome make any sound? A silent metronome is what I have and there doesn’t seem to be anyway to assign the output to a VSTi? Just started with Dorico - Oh dear, over complicated and clunky - severely not impressed - please tell me I haven’t just wasted my money.

With respect, “overly complicated” is different from “I don’t know how to use it.” Have you watched the introductory videos on YouTube, and read the Beginner’s Guide?

A Google search for “Dorico metronome sound” returned several helpful results. Have you made sure the click is assigned in Play mode?

If you have other specific questions, read up on the beginners’ resources and post here when you get stuck.

Hello Dankreider - do you know how to assign the metronome to any form of audio output? It certainly isn’t under ‘preferences’ or in any of the audio output menus. My Vstis are playing fine - just no metronome!

Check Play mode, expand the Time track at the top, and check to see what the metronome is assigned to. Should be Dorico Beep.

Advanced settings for the metronome are in Playback Options, right at the top.

Here’s where you assign the metronome output…

EDIT: Geez, that’s enormous. Must be my resolution…

Thank you everyone for taking the time to post all of that - unfortunate non of it has resulted in a ‘Beep’ either on playback or record. Just checked all the updates and vstis have installed correctly. I have instruments playing no problem, just no Beep or Click - tried them both. I’ve used several programmes including Encore, Finale, Cubase and Sibelius before so I’m not a complete novice - but this has got me stumped. Is it really worth the effort? Is it really as good as it appears on You Tube?

Sorry to state the obvious, but have you actually clicked the metronome icon (on the transport panel at the top) to turn it on?

Are you using the HALion sounds or another VST?
Are you using Dorico Pro or Elements?
This info might be helpful.

Oh… yes. As good and better. Worth the effort for thousands of us to abandon notation programs we were familiar with and take the plunge.

I occasionally return to Finale for old projects, and I hate it. Dorico has transformed how I write and arrange, both in terms of workflow and the quality of the printed output.