Metronome Level with [Value] knob not working


In the manual we read:

Metronome Level:
Rotating the [VALUE] knob adjusts the output level of metronome sound. Pressing the [VALUE] knob switches the metronome sound on/off.

I have set my Custom Assignment to Metronome Level. However, it does not work. I tried all three banks. How can I use it when I have control room setup.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think this is not available with VST Connect. I will try it again in my next recording session.

Works fine here but Im not using the connect app. I also am not using the Control Room right now

CC121, Cubase and main interface stereo outs here

Yep, not working here either…Reinstalled the drivers, nothing, nada. Pressing the button works in toggling the metronome on and off, but volume just isn’t working…