Metronome makes no click

Since installation, the metronome never made a click sound. Isn’t it supposed to make a click in its default set-up?

Anyway, I tried changing the set-up, but nothing works, except if I link the “Midi Output Port” to a VST. But I don’t want a piano as click sound. Just want the standard Steinberg click, but “use standard Steinberg click sound” does not work. Volume is set at 127

The metronome is of course activated.
The audio on all my midi tracks is working perfectly.

I have again run out of buttons. What could be wrong this time?

Probably the same thing wrong as last time. You’re attempting to run Cubase using the completely useless generic low latency driver.

I have little other choices. The Steinberg Yamaha USB ASIO driver apparently requires specialized hardware. Are there any alternatives that content themselves with just a perfectly good PC?

All I want is a simple click. That’s what 99% of users want. Cubase is virtually useless without it. Why can’t they give me that out-of-the-box, without having to set up ports, channels, VST and god knows what. I paid €100 for this thing. You don’t need to install ASIO drivers or buy hardware for that, do ya?

By the way, that Generic ASIO driver is at 20ms, and that’s enough for me.

So, a bit of a challenge to all you Cubase buffs out there: make the metronome work with simply a decent PC and freshly installed Cubase Elements 9.5

Use ASIO4all driver.

Already installed ASIO4all, but to no avail. Not only no metronome click, but also all the audio output of my tracks is gone (Steinberg VST or not). The midi input seems to be there. When I select Generic ASIO driver again, it all back comes back (except for the metronome click, still nothing).

PS: sorry I’m venting my frustration, but Cubase without a metronome is worthless

So you have ASIO4all selected as driver in Cubase.
Now go check in VST connections (F4) that the correct outs are selected or available and also while you’re there if click is not in the click column next to the correct outs mouse click there to add it.

If you can’t see the outputs you want to use in VST connections then open ASIO4all control panel (will be in Windows system tray) and make sure the audio device is selected as active there.

Thanks Grim, but in the mean time incidentally solved it.

I created an extra audio output bus. That didn’t seem to have any effect. But I was looking under the wrong tab of the metronome set-up (“click sounds”). Under the tab “General” something had changed! Under the heading “Click Destinations” a new drop-down menu was created. In it I had to choose between the two busses. I chose one (didn’t matter which one) and suddenly there was… a metronome click

When I deleted that second bus, the drop-down menu disappeared, but the click remained …

Thanks you all for bearing with me

Well that didn’t last long. At least a had the pleasure of hearing that click, for a minute or so. All gone again

When I play on my piano keyboard, the on-screen keyboard of the VST (EastWest) is pressed in, so that works. The sound bar of the midi-track that is linked to that VST lights up as well. No problem. The problem is: no audio output.

Added: Wait, this is only for ASIO4ALL. With generic ASIO everything seems to work!

Really…that’s very odd. Loads of people using ASIO4all fine wioth realtek cards