Metronome Mark below Tempo Text?

From the manual: Positions of tempo marks

“When horizontal space is tight, the metronome mark can be positioned below the tempo mark text.”

Is there something I’m missing in the properties panel because I can’t see a switch that does this?

No I don’t believe that’s possible - that bit of text is more about general use/treatment of tempo marks in engraving practice but I can certainly see why it could be misleading. I shall remove it. Thanks for sharing this.

Ahh ok then, thanks for clarifying.

So presumably the way to do this would be to add a separate metronome marking to a note beyond the span of the tempo text (otherwise the notes start spacing out massively) and then in engrave mode move it to where I want it? Seems a bit of a faff with a lot of staves, unless there’s a more efficient way I’ve not thought of?

Yes, or add the tempo text as a text object (which can co-exist at the same rhythmic position as a tempo mark) with the same text formatting (perhaps using a paragraph style you save as default so you only have to set that up once).

Cool, thanks Lillie!

You can use a font like MusGlyphs to easily display tempo indications as text that include notes and metric modulations.