Metronome mark minim = 80

Is it possible to have note values other than ‘crotchet =’ in metrnome marks?



yes, crotchet = 6, quaver = 5. etc.

It would also be great to be able to have complex metronome marks, for example with two quavers = crotchet and quaver triplet for jazz swing (and for playback to reflect this!).


Hi Chris,

Yes it is certainly possible to create metronome marks using minims. Make a selection where you would like the metronome mark, or move the note input caret to that position, and press Shift+T to bring up the Tempo popover. Then type “h=80” and press Enter to get a minim=80 metronome mark.

Use ‘w’ for whole-note, ‘h’ for half-note, ‘q’ for quarter-note, ‘e’ for eighth-note, etc.

Hope this helps,


Thanks so much for the speedy reply, I’ve tried the tequnique out and now ‘have it’.



Is it possible yet to create a tempo change as in the attached pic?

No, not using the existing tempo objects, I’m afraid. You can create it using a text object with Shift+X but it’ll have no effect on playback.

Thanks for this answer, Daniel. Will this be implemented on a future version of Dorico ?

It will definitely be implemented in future, but I’m not sure exactly when.

Possibly related to this question, is it possible to have a metronome mark such as (half note = dotted half note)?



Your question is similar to the one posted by MatsHall earlier in this thread and Daniel’'s response likely gives you the information you need.