Metronome mark note appears as italic in PDF output only

Everything looks normal in Dorico, but the Dorico-generated PDF shows the quarter note in Italic in Adobe Acrobat and Reader.

I’d love for some light to be shed on this as well, I had unexpected italic output in some areas also…

Can you check whether or not you’ve somehow set the Metronome Music Text Font to an italic style?

The style is “Regular”

Perhaps you could attach both the project and the resulting PDF here?

Dorico defaults to “regular” for everything, but “regular” for some fonts is coded as “Roman”. I have an issue with one of my favorite fonts where dorico gives me error messages saying the font is missing because of this discrepancy. Perhaps your font is coded this way too?

I’m using the default fonts.

Source and PDF

monologue 10.dorico (733.3 KB)
Monologue 10 - Trumpet in B♭.pdf (332.7 KB)

Doesn’t happen when I export your file to PDF on a Mac.


I’m on Windows 10.

Would you gentlemen be so kind as to check my project as well?
Almost everything comes out italic in the PDF export… Thx!


Blattspiel 5. Lage.dorico (1.2 MB)
Blattspiel in der 5. Lage.pdf (249.4 KB)

No Italics here on Mac export.


Thanks for checking, much appreciated!


@Ed_Hirschman, I wonder if this still happens if you remove the flat symbol from the italic subtitle, or remove the italic subtitle altogether?

Removing the italic from the subtitle had no effect. Removing the {@flat@} wildcard from the subtitle did remedy the problem, although I’m missing the flat when I do that.

If you know how to do Unicode Hex Input, you can enter the flat symbol as normal text (ie without using tokens or wildcards) by using its code, which is U+266D. Alternatively, copy this character ( ♭ ) and paste it where you want it. For the size, spacing, etc. to match with the rest of the normal text, the font needs to be Academico.

You might not be able to apply italic to the flat symbol if it is entered this way.

I had done that first and when I made it italic it became distorted, hence the need to use the token.

The problem, I think, is that you’re entering the realm of undefined behaviour when a new font is being synthesized to produce the italic version of the flat that is of course not available in Bravura Text. I’m not sure what the right solution to this will be longer term.

Short term I will avoid mixing default fonts, flats and italic. Or I guess I can use a different font that has italic flats, if such a thing exists.