Metronome markings should be allowed with relative tempi

Newish user here (3 months). Once more this issue stalled me so I searched the Facebook page and found my previous post on exactly the same topic (and once more followed the workaround advice I was given). I honestly think it’s a nonsense to not allow a metronome marking after, for example, “Più mosso”. Furthermore, the workaround requires you to alter the text of a deliberately chosen “wrong” marking of the “absolute” tempo type. That’s all very well, but what about the accent in Più? I had to google how to write one in word, then copy and paste into my altered text. Are there plans to fix this?

Also irksome is the discovery that if I copy and paste one of my newly fudged relative tempo marks with a metronome marking included, the pasted version deletes the metronome component, so I’m back to square one! Aaargh!

Welcome to the forum - you should be able to show the metronome mark when the tempo mark is selected. Here is some more information about tempo mark components, and the different types of tempo marks.

For the accented character in “più”, depending on your operating system there are different ways to insert accented characters. On Mac, there’s a preference to show possible accents when you hold down a letter key, although that doesn’t always play so well inside text fields in Dorico. Alternatively, there’s the “emoji and symbols viewer” which opens in a separate window, and from which you can insert characters by double-clicking them. I tend to use that a fair bit myself, as it works nicely with lyrics.

Are you on Mac or Windows?
Here on Mac I find that I can type Shift-T Pi Alt-` u Shift-Alt-Space Mosso q=96 Enter. That marking can be copied and pasted elsewhere and retains its metronome mark.

(For anyone not familiar: Shift-Alt-Space is a non breaking space, and fools Dorico into creating a custom Absolute Tempo Change)

When you’re pasting and losing the metronome mark, does it come back if you go to the properties panel and tick the Metronome mark shown property?

I’m on Windows. When I paste it my new tempo instruction, the metronome marking seems to persist until I try and alter it. Then it vanishes, and the option “metronome mark shown” also vanishes, forcing me to start again.

It sounds as though you’re trying to edit your pasted marking from within the popover. Don’t - as soon as you hit Enter Dorico treats it as a new item and reinterprets the text as a Relative Tempo Change. It’s no longer an overridden Allegro (or whatever you’d originally used).

Of course, if you’d used my trick you wouldn’t have had this problem, because there’d still be an Alt-Shift-Space between the Più and the mosso.

Anyway, if you’re going about it your way, modify the metronome mark from the properties panel, not from the popover.

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It reverts to a relative marking, so all the options on the right hand side of the properties panel vanish.

See my edit just above.

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