Metronome marks MacBook Pro

I have been using Dorico on my MacBook Pro. I have looked at the help menu regarding entering metronome marks numerically rather than simply choosing one, with the available options for tempo marking, from the menu. It seems you may need a numeric key pad to do this since only the numbers on this are not greyed out in the diagram in the help menu. Is there in fact a way of doing it on a MacBook without a numeric keypad? It is quite important to me since I often use my own individual tempo names and in particular there is, in the very slow tempo markings in the list, a large gap between 56 and 32 so I cannot set the metronome marking at 40 for instance or of course a large number of other fine-tuned numerals.

You should find that you can type Shift+T for the tempo popover, then e.g. q=120 for quarter equals 120, and you can also use 6=120, where 6 is the regular number above the QWERTY keys on your keyboard, which corresponds to the quarter duration in the Notes panel.

Thank you - that has solved it. I hope I shall get a better rating for my assignment as a result.