Metronome - no sound

Hi all,

New to the forum but not Cubase. I just updated from 4 Studio to 9.5 Artist and rebuilt my whole rig, including a new iMac and a Presonus Quantum interface.

Well, everything went well until I tried to get a click (seems like that should’ve been the easiest thing!).

Any audio going into the Quantum comes out of my monitors, the metronome is active under Transport, I can actually see the click happening in the MIDI meter…

Under Audio Connections I am looking for a way to activate “click” but I don’t have that column…?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Coming from V9pro here…

What do you see under Devices–>Metronome setup? (you should see Audio Click enabled)
AND… what do you see under Devices–>VST Connections–>Outputs Tab? (there is a Column to assign Clicks to Outputs)

The metronome is pretty buggy in 9.5 at the moment. I’ve had various issues with it turning itself off, not playing during pre-roll etc. Hopefully be more predictable/reliable in 9.5.20.

In the metronome settings make sure you have enabled audio click rather than just midi click - you might have to do this once in a while as it seems to turn itself off every now and then.

Hi all,

Thanks for the replies - I found a fix (by searching this forum no less - hindsight!).

I had to go into the Audio Connections menu and add another stereo output buss (which got assigned to output 1 and 2 on my interface. Original stereo outputs were obviously my mains). Then I went back into Transport -> Metronome and there was the pull down menu I needed where I could assign the metronome output to my Quantum.

Thanks again!

may I ask, how are you finding the quantum performance? is there any way you could do a test for me to simulate all inputs being armed for record at 32 buffer, and just put one reverb somewhere and see if cubase reacts ok?

I am seriously considering leaving my pro tools and apollo setup and going all native with Cubase for various reasons.

I’d be happy to pay you a small fee for your time to do the test… imagine 24 audio tracks armed for record, you don’t have to have anything plugged in, you just select each input of the quantum on each cubase track and it will simulate the test regardless.

Let me know via PM if you want to help, or here, or whatever. Thank you kindly.