Metronome: No sound?

I go to the transport panel and click on Activate metronome click on a new song I hear nothing. I go to the setup and the click options are all checked on for clicking while recording, and playing. I have the audio click output options as 1 & 2 output. and have clicked on use midi and audio click.

Under clicks sounds, I choose cow bell and hit the audition sound and I hear nothing. I changed it to the Steinberg click sound and also hear nothing. The audio click level is 127.

For my studio, I have the Spdif 1 and 2 for my main outputs that I have in Control panel;

Now if I use a midi keyboard I can hear the trigger sounds with Groove Agent. So I know on this new song I am able to get sound out of my speakers. I confirmed the 48khz is in the song as well as on my converters.

Ok, if I switch from my outputs in Control Panel and put the spidif 1 and 2 to the Output 1 and 2 I hear the metronome. But there must be a way to hear it if I have my spdif 1 and 2 in the Control panel instead?

UPDATE: Ok I found out there is a metronome click option in the Cue 1 you have to activate. I won’t delete the thread in case someone else has the same problem.

Thanks for not deleting. Gets me every time, losing the metronome…