Metronome not audible


I use a Tascam US-144 mkII for recording purposes, and I use Cubase 5 LE. But I can’t get the metronome working, the things I did:
-I have enabled the click in the VST Connections - output dialog
-Enabled the click in the transport panel
-Configured the metronome: metronome in record checked, metronome in play checked. Audio click activated.

I see that there is a midi out signal being send out of the Tascam device itself. But I would like to hear it trough my monitor.

I just can’t seem to get it working.

Any suggestions?’

Hi: Click my 3 Links and compare them with what you’ve done




PS: You might try a search in this forum and the old one also

Works for me

Hope it helps

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Hello Jack

That’s perfect help, congratulation. :exclamation:


Thanks Alstudios.

Say do you have a Link to the old forum ----- ALSTUDIOS’ :question:
I remember Metronome problems was a big topic there alot.

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I did all of this, and it’s stil not working.

More suggestions?

Is the “Mon Mix”-knob of your US 144 possibly set fully left to “input”? If so, try with the knob turned more towards “computer”

The Mon Mix knob is set to the right, to computer. I can hear everything accept the metronome.

Is your Volume up in Metronome Setup :question:

Click Link

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I was wondering if you know, after fixing your problem with the it, if in order to record with the metronome but not hear it during playback, what were the settings you selected. I just deselected metronome in play, from the transport menu option metronome setup. However i cant seem to record with the click, but without it in playback!
Any tips?


It seems to be a driver issue. If I use the Tascam driver, the metronome doesn’t work but if I use the ASIO4ALL driver the metronome does work.

It’s kind of solved.

Thanks to everyone who responded in this topic.

Keep it checked in the metronome setup
then un-check it on the transport on playback
This is what I do. click link

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PS: JProcee, what is your operating system
and did you try all the Tascam US-144 drivers :question:


I’ve got the metronome working with the Tascam drivers, I’ve updated them to 2.02 I was using 2.01 :slight_smile:
My operating system is Windows 7.

Thanks for pointing me to the driver version.