Metronome NOT in sync

Guys, help, I’m going crazy …

Cubase’s metronome is not in sync with the song. it is postponed by a few milliseconds

If I render the metronome a CORRECT audio is created, perfectly timed but if I turn on the metronome (to be clear, if I press “C” to activate the metronome) there is a difference of a few milliseconds in delay compared to the audio track … .

I hope someone can help me because I’m going crazy !!!

I wanted to specify that this problem only occurs with one project

If it only happens in one particular project, it could be that the project file has issues or that there is a plugin in that project that is not properly reporting its own latency to Cubase.
The latter can fairly easily be checked by disabling (not bypass, disable) plugins until the metronome is in sync again.

Thank you very much!!! I’ll find it!

Would you mind sharing your findings if anyone else run into a similar issue?


TRacks5 Stealth Limiter…

I just came here to search for this very issue and found your thread. Unreal. I had T-Racks One on the master output but it was completely disabled and it was still causing the out-of-sync metronome issue.
I had to entirely remove it from the master out channel before the metronome would sync again…even though all of the midi files and audio tracks were in sync with each other.

Cubase 12 has another problem with delay compensation: There is also a bug when loading a saved project with Izotope Neutron 3 on one of the tracks, the delay compensation will not work for that track and the track will be out of sync until you turn the plugin off and then back on again.

Apparently, Cubase 12 isn’t recalculating delay compensation when certain plugins are disabled on the master output.

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I had a metronome out -of-sync problem when I didnt notice that my project sample rate didnt match what I had set in the Record File Format.(48khz vs 44.1 khz.)