metronome notation

Has anyone an idea how I can notate a metronome tempo that should be around 44 for the quarter note? I suppose, not with shift t but with shift x. But how get the sign for the quarter note and the sign for around?

Are you overlooking the “is approximate” property? Just type Shift+T q=44 Enter then set that property.

Yes, I’m afraid, I did. Thanks, I learnt something new. Is it also possible to use a tilde (swung dash) instead of the ca.?

Yes, it is possible. Check Engraving Options–Tempo.

To help you in the future, here’s the principle: for many (though not all) of the modifications you can make locally in the Properties panel, there is often a comparable global option in Engraving Options or Notation Options.

Thanks a lot, Dankreider!