Metronome Output selection bug / hack xml preferences file

As many users already reported, I experienced the metronome disappearance last night.
I had a power outage and crashed my computer. And when re-opening cubase I lost the metronome sound.
I checked the metronome panel and the output destination only shows 2 outputs even if I have a multi-output soundcard.

I was able to get the metronome sound before the crash, I thing it has been inherated for a long time from older Cubase versions. Now it only shows output 1-2 of my main soundcard but used to output on channel 7-8.
I had to recover my old Cubase11 prefs in user>library on macOS and it worked straight away.


is it possible to fix this bug and allow user to select whatever output we want like in the older versions of Cubase? (do you remember the click column on the “connexion audio” pannel?)

Or at least can someone tells me what preferences XML file and where the value entry is in the XML preferences files so that, worst case scenario, I could copy+paste the old value from my working setup?

Thanks a lot!



You should see all Output Buses in the Metronome Setup.

Or, if you are using Cubase Pro, enable the Control Room. Metronome is routed thru the Monitor Buses then.

Thanks Martin, I never use the Control Room because I use an external mixer and monitoring/headphone distribution system.
I Have Cubase 11 Pro and just the output 1-2 of the soundcard are visible in the Metronome panel unfortunately.


Could you try to switch the ASIO Driver to Not Connected and then back to your real driver, please?

Hi Martin, I tried your tip different ways. switching to asio “no devices” saved the project, restarted but the panel still shows Master 1-2. switch back to my actual soundcard, metronome panel still shows only “Master 1-2”.
The other way, without saving the project, switch asio to no devices “OK” then switch back Asio to my soundcard and ok/apply then checked the metronome panel and still have only Master 1-2 available. I had to recover my Cubase11 preference files to get the metronome back. Happy to have a backup available as _Cubase11 in the main folder :slight_smile:

PS: In Audio connection panel I have “click” written on an external FX line in a column under “delay” for “Return” output. Not sure if it’s meant to be like that.


Could you please attach a screenshot of this?

Sure! here we go, at the moment of this screen capture, the metronome is properly going out on channel 7-8 which is my master bus outs :


This is weird and not really expected. I’m afraid the preferences became really corrupted.

Could you try to (backup and) remove the Defaults.xml file from the preferences, please?

Hi Martin, yeah there’s definitely something inherited from the older versions of cubase I went from C6 to C12 and every versions inbetween with this computer.
i’ll try backing up the prefs and start from scratch to see if it’s working as intended. This is why I asked what particular file is related to the metronome assignation because I don’t want to spend a week to setup the studio as it was before just for that bug.