Metronome problem in Cubase 9 Artist

Hi everyone, I hope you can help with a strange problem. Today the metronome does not sound. I didn’t change anything from my last session but the metronome does not sound in any project, new or existing.

The Clic is enabled in the VST connections (I have attached a screenshot of it) and it is audio configured in metronome sttings (I have attached a second screenshot of metronome settings).

Anybody can help me with this problem? I have investigated in google and within this forum but I don’t find a solution.



Hi and welcome,

Is the Click itself enabled on the Transport panel (KeyCommand C)?

There is no response from “control (win) C”.
Therefore no metronome.


Use menu: Transpose > Metronome Setup, or click to the “e” button next to the Metronome in the Transport panel to Open Metronome Setup.