Metronome Problem while recording

Hello there,

i have the newest version of Cubasis installed on my ipadair2. My problem is, that when i am recording, it also records the metronome. What do i have to do that i hear the metronome when, but not on the recording? I use following setup:
guitar > irig2 > ipad2air with cubasis.

Please help me.

Hi Chris,

Please share more details about your recording (do you record vocals with a microphone, a guitar track etc.).

A recorded metronome signal could be caused by crosstalk (e.g. metronome is audible from a headphone or a guitar pickup etc.).

Please have a look at this topic that seems to deal with the similar issue:

Hope that helps.


Hi there Lars,

i am recording guitar tracks. I use an IPAD2 Air along with iRig2 and my guitar of course. So, when recording i logically need to hear the metronome. On the recording i then hear the metronome before and while my guitar plays.

Thanks in advance and thanks for your quick and kind answer,


This topic seems to deal with the similar issue:

Apart from this please get in touch with our friends from IK Multimedia if they have further tips available for you.