Metronome/ recording questions!

Hey guys, sorry if these are silly questions, but I’m still unable to figure a couple things out when it comes to tracking in cubase?

  1. In the preroll settings, I can’t find a way to hear playback with the click?

  2. I also can’t figure out how to record on say between bar 9 and 10. Even when I turn all the snap to grid stuff off, when I press record it always jumps back to the nearest full bar?

Any help would be great!

  1. Metronome Setup

  2. Punch-in/out and/or un-check Snap to Bars in Prefs.

  1. To hear the click during playback: Go to Transport, Metronome Setup. See the “Metronome Options” and turn on the “Metronome in Play” button is clicked.

  2. Just make sure the snap is set to “off”. The snap on/off button can be fount in the Transport or as a button at the top. If you don’t see it, right click on the bar and choose “Snap/Quanitize” to show it.

Good luck…