Metronome rest

Hi, I am working on a track in 6/8 time and using a metronome. I have a rest that lasts about 1/4 of a bar and want the metronome to start again at the beginning of the next bar following the rest. How does one implement the break in metronome tempo? If leave it as is, the bars after the break are out of sync with metronome clicks.

I hope I understood.
Insert a 1/4 time signature into the Signature Track where you need the 1/4 rest. Then resume inserting 6/8.

exactly? Or is this a fermata?

one quarter of a 6/8 bar is a dotted 8th note, or 3 16ths. So insert a time sig of 3/16. But this is just the general idea.

thanks. will try that.

thanks. will try.