Metronome setting still fails to save with song

Whenever I save a metronome setting using Halion 5 as the sound source, when I re-open the song I get an error message (see attachment) This is really annoying. I paid for Halion and Groove Agent and I have been told this is not an issue. However it happens for me every single time. Can anyone please suggest a way around this. I have reset Cubase settings, tried everything. What should I use for a click?

You probably need to assign Halion in the Metronome setup. Find it in the CB Transport>Metronome Setup panel. There is also Metronome On/Off and Precount On/Off areas you should review too.

Also, you could just use the default CB metronome click sounds. At least until you get the Halion thing sorted. It works fine for me but that default “click” sound is not for everyone. Good luck. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Midi routing to instrument tracks in the metronome dialog does not get saved over Cubase restarts. It’s a known problem. I simply use audio files for my click.