Metronome setup

Just updated to 10.30 and i can’t choose or change audio click outputs in metronome setup.

Everything was fine on 10.20

Cubase 9.5 on same PC don’t have that problem.

Is it just me or is issue with this update?

Its hosed up bro, not just you. its BROKEN

I found that the problem is on Mac not on Pc ?

High Sierra and Mojave (Hackintosh)

You can still select the output for metronome in Audio Connections as it’s been for years as a good work around.

I’m afraid this is another flaky issue!

You can only do this if you keep an audio setup from pre Cubase 9 (when they introduced the new click tab) and you have a click output set - the click tab then stays visible in the audio outputs window

If you can’t, or don’t do this, then the click tab disappears forever.

OK, this is driving me nuts. Upgraded from 9.5. I had the click output to the band (to use tracks live) on an output channel (to a X32 on channel 9 for example) - they could either listen to it or not.

Upgraded to 10.03. click tab is gone. I can still get the click to sound but I don’t see anyway to send it out on a track/channel anymore or record it for “practice tracks” for the band.

what do you mean about keeping and/or how would I do that re. an audio setup from pre Cubase 9? is that something I needed to do at setup?

Really Steinberg? Seems like things keep changing for the sake of change.