Metronome Tempo Displaying wrong Cubase IC Pro

It’s weird. I can type in the temp say 100. It sets it correctly in Nuendo 11, but then displays 83.5 on the iPad. is this a new bug?

It seems to be off by about ~16.6%, no matter what value I enter

Yup it’s been like this for a long time. You will find that steinberg never reply on this forum or update this app. We live in hope.

I guess I never worried about it, or noticed, because I didn’t usually want to change the tempo when tracking. It would already be set on Cubase. That is sad that this app has been left to rot away. It is a fundamental flaw that shouldn’t be that hard to solve.

Totally agree but we seem to be banging our heads against a brick wall. I don’t get it as just about everything has a app these days. My rme interface has one as does my zoom L-20. Both are supported and updated.

Just noticed this too after many years!

Perhaps if we complain enough about the bugs and need for an update someone at Steinberg might wake up and do something about it (miracles can happen!).

I doubt it. Stuff just seems to go unfixed with Steinberg for eons. I guess it is assumed that we will always find a way to work with undocumented features and limitations until the next release when we get new shiny stuff with a new set of bugs. It’s sort of the software industry, not just Steinberg.