Metronome Tempo Issue

I can’t figure out or find an easy (typing) way to set the metronome tempo. The slider is a royal pain to try and get an exact setting. Left and right arrow keys don’t work and double tapping on the # to try and type in doesn’t work. I tried searching the Documentation for an answer, thinking it might be in the Setup somewhere, but I couldn’t find anything helpful.

Without being able to type in an exact metronome tempo, it’s very hard to get it set exactly the same as the Absolute Tempo. Worse yet, if the Metronome Tempo shows 93 and I’ve set the Absolute Tempo to 90 or 96, etc., which tempo is Dorico using when I press the Play button?

I hope I’m just missing something simple and this is not a real issue.


Add a metronome mark at the start of the score.
Select the first note or rest and press shift-T
Then write q = 90 or whatever you need and press return/enter.
If you want to change the tempo later, select the tempo mark and change it in the properties panel (now called lower zone) at the bottom.

q = quarter note
e = eight note

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On the iPad one will have to use the Popover Tempo tool in the right panel if one lacks a keyboard.

Damn, missed the iPad part again.


My sentiments exactly. Very unintuitive control (note deliberate use of trigger word…).
Shift-T works fine, but would be even better if the resulting tempo mark in the score would auto-update with changes from slider and such.
Also: Changing the slider with a mouse wheel would be very intuitive… :wink:


The only reason for setting the tempo in the transport panel is for when you enable “fixed tempo” mode. That’s usually when you want to hear something at a different speed to the normal tempo set in the score. Now that we have scrubbing, I rarely need to use fixed tempo mode.

As said, just set tempo marks in the score, and don’t bother with the transport panel at all.

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for a lot of us, that’s just not practical.
Assume you prepare a lead sheet, “Fast Swing” as only tempo indication. Actual tempo is up to the performer.

So the procedure would be:

  1. Shift-T “Fast Swing”. Or even just Text.
  2. Done.

If I want to take a listen, I set the approximate tempo with the slider. Would be nice to be able to change it in real-time with the mouse wheel, but here we are…
Some music doesn’t have any tempo markings/performer instructions in the score, and so a more intuitive handling of (playback-) tempo would be appreciated.


Like most of the Early Music I produce! I still add a hidden tempo for playback. (There will likely be changes for other time sigs.)

Even if there is an instruction, you can still hide the MM. Hardly impractical.

But compared to a properly functioning tempo control in the transport area, putting a marking in the score and having to hide it right away feels very much like a workaround… :wink:

How you do you deal with a change in tempo? Surely you have to change the value in the transport when you get to the new point, and then change it back?
With a tempo mark, once it’s done, the tempo will always be correct from that point, regardless of any value that might be lingering in the transport. And it’s just as easy to alter the value in the Properties panel.

I’ll agree that it would be nice if you could specify the hidden attribute in the popover.

Heaven forbid anyone should ever have to resort to a simple work-around. :roll_eyes:

It’s not that I’m against using tempo marks, I use them regularly, what I don’t get is the nerfed functionality in the transport.

  1. Mouse wheel for slider and
  2. Double click to type in a value, confirm with enter.

That’s all I’m wondering about why it’s missing, especially since that’s standard UI stuff for ages now.

Anyway, I’ve made my case, wasn’t planning on letting this one go quite this far anyway.
Have a great evening, gentlemen! :smiling_face:



@Derrek , I have the Apple Smart Keyboard attached, but the Transport Panel ignores it. I did set the Absolute Tempo in the right panel and it put the Tempo at the beginning of the score. Great!

However, the user is left seeing 2 different tempos on the screen. One in the Transport panel and one in the score. Click on the Metronome and the value in the Transport panel resets to 120. How confusing is that?

Shouldn’t Dorico’s use of the Metronome icon be consistent with other Steinberg apps/programs? In Cubasis, for example, turning on the Metronome icon indicates you want to hear the metronome.

If the developers goal was to give users a quick way to override the score tempo during playback, then please don’t limit users to an awkward slider as the only means of setting this tempo.

The rest of Dorico’s interface is really nice to use. So, please, if the tempo in the Transport panel is not needed, as stated by some, then remove it from the program. Or, make it easy to set (dbl tap and type a #). One or the other. As is, it is not user-friendly.