Metronome tone assigned to drum VST, is it resource intensive?


I had never thought of this before. I have set my metronome to play drum stick sounds in a drum VST. Does that mean that when using the metronome, that is he equivalent to having the drum VAT loaded?

The reason I ask is, some drum VSTs are very taxing on my machine. I’m wondering when I add a drum VST to a project, if the metronome setup means I have basically two VSTs open at all times?


It depends, on how you set it up. You can export the sound as an audio and then use the Audio click with the custom sound. Or you can use the MIDI click. Then you select the MIDI Port. This means, there must be a track with the given MIDI Port (Instrument) loaded in the project. But you don’t have to have an extra track just for the metronome.

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I shouldn’t have written that post when I wasn’t actually in front of Cubase. Turns out I actually just use “Custom Sounds” “Clave B”. Not a drum VST like I did in the past.