metronome track

Hello, i am Stephane and i get Cubase 9 Element.

I try to make a metronome track for my music projet.

Somebody have ideas ?


If you are referring to the Tempo Track, I don’t think it is available in Elements.

Also, wrong forum …


Thanks for the reply.

Yes i think about tempo track or something who can do the same …

Maybe a way to record the click of the metronome ?

Sorry for the forum.

In Cubase Pro and Artist, there is the possibility to create a “Click Track” (Project > Signature Track > Render Audio/MIDI Click between Locators). However, this function is not available in Elements, so you will have to create a MIDI or audio loopback and record the click track back to Cubase.



i try i try but i don’t understand how create a loopback audio track …

Can you explain to me ?

i have found this post :

They explain how create this track but at step 1 “Create a cue channel in studio connections and allocate a loopback output bus.”

I don’t have studio connection

You can accomplish the same by utilizing standard audio connections (F4). Just physically route your output jack into a line input on your audio card and set the audio connections (F4) accordingly.


That works ! ^^
Thanks a lot