Metronome unstable Cubase 6.0.6

I found a few posts about the intermittent Cubase metronome, as recent as version 6.0.5 - I don’t remember having any problems with this in the past, but all of a sudden it’s happening in 6.0.6. All versions of Cubase 5 and 6 were extremely stable for me, so this comes as a surprise.

Was any resolution found to the issue in 6.0.5?

Click works fine if I do it through Groove Agent or LM7.


Intermittent as it sometimes doesn’t work period, or more like audio skip outs.

It always comes on, but some of the notes cut out. Sometimes you’ll hear a little bit of the note before it cuts out, get’s a bit crackly and distorted, then disappears before the full sound has happened. Other times, actual beats are missed. No real rhyme or reason. Sometimes a few bars will play normally, then only 1 or 2 beats in the next bar.


I get intermittent internal audio click (own sample) in C6.5… most annoying

What are your buffers set at?
System specs?

There were several threads about this, and apparently it only(?) happens when the Control Room is activated. I didn’t really follow that, since I don’t use CR and don’t have this issue…

I pieced my system together a couple years ago and it’s pretty solid. RME HDSP 9652, i7 950 chip, Gigabyte UD3R, win7, 2 hard drives, … I can normally run with the buffer on 32 samples well into a project - I can even mix with a loaded up master bus with no issues (I never have to go past 64). Haven’t had any problems with the metronome before.

Anyhow, changing the buffer didn’t affect the intermittent click. Only thing that did affect it was when I switched off the multi processor function as mentioned in some of the other threads. I never tried shutting off the control room but I’ll test that tomorrow. Not really a good option as I make use of that feature for every session.


Wait a minute? I think the issue with the click while using the CR is when you engage more than one (two?) set of monitor sends. Which is to say if you just use one instance of it everything is fine. …But did I not get this correct?

Arjan - Hey. You are a helpful poster here. Which makes me want to suggest to you that you might want to revisit the CR use. I have avoided it for forever but I finally tried it again and - using only one instance of it and turning it on in my mains output - it works fine. Really, my process performs just as it did when NOT using the CR, but now I have audio when I mix a song down. Which is REALLY a nice thing. The key is to engage the CR, turn the click on in the CR fader window, and then just use the on/off in the transport as you probably already do. And will add that in my case, the click is working fine - no issues or intermittant click.

Hi mr.roos, and thanks. The thing is, I mix on my Tascam DM3200, and have 32 channels going there from Cubase (and to Cubase/ Wavelab for recording). Headphone, control room mixes and hardware aux sends/returns are all done on the board, so I don’t see any advantage in using the CR. Until someone can convince me otherwise, ofcourse… :wink:

Arjan - My headphone sends are external, too, and I don’t use the CR to control them - but I do typically mix in my DAW. …So are you saying that you don’t use the ‘Mixdown’ feature in Cubase? You are mixing ‘live’ so to speak? In which case, OK, you don’t need the CR. Ha! You are unique I think, good for you! :sunglasses:

That’s right, I never use ‘Mixdown’ in Cubase. Can’t really say it’s really ‘live’ though, since I use Tascam automation and sometimes (also) Cubase automation. It is real time though. While mixing, Wavelab records the board’s output, and that’s exactly where I want the mix to end up anyway…

I did some more experimenting on this. Turns out to be CR related. When I have the click button engaged on the control room output, the click is fine as long as I turn the click off for both my studio sends (monitor mixes for the artists). If I turn the click on for even one of the studio sends, the click becomes intermittent in the control room send. But oddly enough, it sounds fine on the studio sends. Actually, I can’t get it to fail on the studio send.


I can confirm this behavior. It seems you cant use 2 studio sends with the click at the same time. It’s happening with the Audio and the CB beep click both.

This makes the Control Room feature alot less useable in real life situations (like where you want 3 or 4 performers to record together and hear the click). :slight_smile:

Is there a fix for this soon?