Metronome Volume Dorico iPad

Is there a way to adjust the volume of the metronome click sound using Dorico iPad?

Not that I can find. In Dorico 2.2, under Write Mode, MIDI Recording, there was a way to “Change click settings”, but I can’t find that in current Dorico.

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You should find there’s a fader for the click in the Mixer in the lower zone.

I don’t see it. What am I missing?

P.S. I could have made those shell voicings all left-hand for upper structure chords. My first Dorico sheet music after going through your First Steps Part 1. I changed the format to 4 bars per stave after I saw how well it showed stepping relationships between the Keys (each stave the chords are 1-whole step below the stave above). I was hoping that would set off some light bulbs in students heads.

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Daniel, I don’t see the fader either. (Inquiry is about iPad version.) Thanks!

It seems I was mistaken, for which you have my apologies. I’ll check with my colleagues next week about this.

No problem! I look forward to hearing more once you speak to your colleagues. I find I’m using Dorico iPad more and more. So useful to have it right in front of me at my piano. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Was this ever resolved? This is a deal breaker for me if I can’t turn it off while I’m playing and recording. Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum, @chananow. You should find a fader in the Mixer for DoricoBeep 1, which allows you to adjust the level of the click.