Metronome volume slider in transport bar

Please can you consider adding a slider to the transport bar or even to the tool bar in the project window for adjusting metronome volume. Not all of us need to use the control room so are missing this simple feature.

If you don’t use the control room and want to change metronome volume, you have to load up the Metronome setup dialog, adjust 2 sliders and then use trial and error to get the right level. That isn’t good workflow. If a slider is added (for example in the Transport Bar), then the level can be adjusted on the fly whilst maintaining the correct level between the two sounds of the Metronome.

+1 good idea.

I’d be even happier if they would add a small volume slider for the metronome to the mixconsole too.

Regards :sunglasses:

Metronome section needs an overhaul. It has been unchanged for decades.



It is going to be a short slider (if they add it to the Transport Bar), so I’d ask Steinberg to let this slider react to mouse movement on it the way a fader would do when you hold Shift key and move a fader in other parts of Cubase. So this fader’s movement is more precise this way.


But I also think, and agree…

This functionality should be so much more flexible/configurable by now.




What about a "Metronome Track", like in Logic or Sonar…?
with this we can render metronome audio out easily !

or maybe a “Metronome Plugin”, like in Pro Tools…?