Metronome without cursor moving

Hi guys, not sure if this is the right path for the next update or next version add in.
It would be so great if there was a Metronome button that would run without the cursor moving, as I do use retrospective record very frequently with clients in the studio.



Add the optional tag feature-request to your post, please.

You could also consider buying a physical metronome.


Then you have to deal with the fact, every single metronome has slightly different tempo.

I think this would be a nice feature. Can be used to practice a little bit without moving the cursor from where you will begin recording later.

One could also place the cursor at bar 3000 and start playback there if one is just interested in getting a metronome for retro-recording.

Or - the slowest method - one could ask for a feature to be implemented.

Done ! :sunglasses:

I think it deserves it, as an option in the Metronome settings (sadly, and as usual, I have no vote left…).