Hello everyone, does anyone know if there’s a metronome in wavelab ? & if so, where the beep is it?!

Not to my knowledge. But I have to ask - what’s the need for a metronome in WL?


I have a drums track that goes in & out of time, trying to timestretch it in places to get a consistent beat, really could do with a metronome to check against…

Something could maybe be possible with MIDI and a 3rd party metronome plugin but I’ve honestly never looked into any MIDI functions within WaveLab so I wouldn’t know.

What I would do is print an audio file of a metronome from another DAW at the tempo you need and load into a montage to check though I’m guessing that you would like to hear the metronome in the audio file edit and not a montage.

That being said, I would personally not choose WaveLab for drum editing.

Have you thought about changing the timeline to “Bars and Beats”? The montage has a grid view in the background but audio files interestingly do not have the option for a background grid that I can see.

Should be doing this in a DAW and not in an editor.

But that’s just me talkin’ :slight_smile:


Indeed, even if a reference track or metronome were available, timestretching in WL to get it in time would be an incredibly laborious task. And that, while in a DAW like Cubase the whole task is already prepared for you with more fitting algorithms - not to mention beat detection.