Mezzoforte piano dynamic, slur notation, and a playback quirk.

Three questions about these three bars:

  1. Is there some way for me to have my mfp dynamic written without the hyphen? I’d settle for having it appear that way only in Engrave mode.
  2. In Write mode, how do I get slurs not to notate always as phrasing slurs? i.e. I want a slur to begin on the last note of a tie, and end on the first note of a tie. (Something tells me that this question has been posted to this forum already; please feel free to direct me to any such thread.)
  3. When I begin playback at the first note of the eighth bar, playback cuts out totally on the second note of the ninth bar (i.e. I hear the mf, and then silence). When I begin playback on the first note (i.e. the eighth note, not the quarter rest) of the ninth bar, the mfp < mf dynamics play back as intended. Any idea why this is? (I figure it might be attributable to a bug or quirk in one of my VSTs – I’m using Play and Bidule – but I thought I’d ask, just in case anyone else has encountered this problem.)


You can adjust the start and end points of slurs in relation to ties either globally in engraving options or individually in the properties panel.


The answer to 1 and 2: You can change the divider of a dynamic such as yours/a slur’s start and end points in the Properties, which is where you’ll nearly always find the answer to these kinds of problems!

Thank you, sspharis and LSalgueiro. I found what I needed in the Engraving Options interface.

No way to have mfp show up simply as mfp, I guess. shrug No big deal.

You can get rid of the hyphen by selecting “Separator shown” in the properties panel and making sure the checkbox is not checked. Hopefully the attached image will make things clear.


Thanks, sspharis. Still some space between f and p, but close enough, I suppose.

I agree that it’s not perfect. The only other way I could find to do this was to enter mf an p as separate dynamics and then try to line them up in engrave mode. That’s a quick way to drive yourself crazy!