Mozart often writes this. Is there a way to create this as a dynamic? I know I can enter the p after the mf and nudge them to be the right distance from each other but it would be easier if I could create it as a single dynamic. Dorico understands fp but any attempt to create a combined dynamic with mf instead results in mf-p which is completely different.

I haven’t been able to make it as a playing technique, either, as I can’t select the right font to use.

how about replacing, via the Music Symbols editor, the pppppp with mfp … :question:


Enter the Dynamic als mpf in the popover
In the properties panel click the option (not) to show the Separator.

(Edit) I see now that the space is there even when the separtor is not shown, also it maybe not be what you’re looking for.

Ah, I knew there was a better way. Thanks to both of you!

Anther question. In the Music Symbols Editor it shows that there is a sfp dynamic available. How do I get this to show in the dynamics window in Write Mode? I tried selecting Save as Default but this didn’t help.

In the Dynamics Panel in Write mode, in the Combined Dynamics section, with the “+” and “-” buttons you can put the “f” and “p” togheter. I think the “s” before will appear by default, if not click the “subito” button.
Anyway, you can enter the spf in the dynamics popover. see

Thank you! But really, how is one supposed to guess something like this?

If you create a PT (or edit an existing dynamic) using “Glyph”, not “Text”, then you should have access to the complete SMuFL list of symbols. All the component letters for dynamics are there.

Thanks, Ben. I’ll make sure I have my SMuFL list at hand.