MG 166 cx usb Installation- no MIDI xml map


i got my mg 166cx usb mixer and i cannot use it with my mac pro, is not shown the xml map for the mixer even after the installation of the update 4.5.2. cubase AI, or how its identified??

or can anyone send me the xml map???

thanks for your support


The Yamaha MG series do not have any MIDI capabilities, they only do audio, so an xml map is not relevant ot it’s use.

To set it up correctly, read throught the “Getting Started” PDF under the help menu in Cubase.

Thanks for your answer

so to be more clear, can i control anything on the cubase AI with my mixer through USB?

i saw the PDF file from remote devices, and there is no information about the MG mixer

can you help me out to think something else ??

Nope, the usb connection is a 2 in 2 out 44.1/48Khz only, so thats it really.

thank you guys, i ve been busy thinkig at what point i thougt i could control de Cubase with the Yamaha mixer, i thibk it shows i dont know what i am doing,

thanks again

This is a good little device that can control Cubase and is cheap.