MI4 and the Mavericks (OSX 10.9.4)

Good day every one!

I have installed steinberg media interface MI4 on my mac. The board seems to work. It receives input (I am testing a mic and the light bars shows it is working - the leds “0 -2 -10 -20” shows that). Although on the Steinberg MI4 Panel I am not able to switch the options “USB from Host” nor “USB to Host” to the status “ON”. It gets me just the “OFF” option and it remains “frozen” there.

I have just one cable plugged from the steinberg board into the mac USB.

I am a beginner in music - not too experienced with technical issues - and I am probably doing something wrong (of course). I researched in the internet but I could not find help on this issue MI4 on Mavericks. Not sure if they work together.

Thanks a lot for your attention!



Unfortunately, the MI4 is not Mavericks compatible. It won’t work, sorry!

Hey, Ed! No worries!
What a shame… I’m getting old. What can you do… Anyways, in that case, is there any windows system that it shall be compatible with? I mean, any tips on where I can find in which O.S. mi4 would be compatible (win or mac in this case).

winXp, winVista, win8, etc…
macLeopard, macSLeopard, Lion…

So I can decide what to do with it. If I keep or give/sell.