MI4, drivers & Win7 - Does not work!

I bought a used MI4 card with Cubase System 4 (CDs for Cubase SL 2 and SX). However I can not install properly the sound card. I download from Steinberg site the latest drivers for Vista 64bit, installing goes great, however in Device Manager it shows that the card can not be identified by the drivers although the USB part is installed properly, so no software identifies the card. It seems like the drivers are not installed as it should. I searched on the internet and also here in the forum, I tried anything I found, but no result. Please, I need your help.
Thanks a lot

does anybody knows please?

would be interested also … same issues with external MI4 USB interface. Install in Win7 64 bit.

I’ve been wanting a small usb interface to take to school with me.
I just picked up an MI4 at the local pawn shop.
When I went on the website to register my interface it’s not in the list of products.
I googled the model number and found a page with drivers for Win 7 but I can see people have had some issues trying the 64 bit vista drivers.
Has anyone here got this working?
How did you wind up configuring it?
This is my first Steinberg product.