MI4 on Win10

Does anyone know a way to start the MI4 drivers for Windows 10?
So far, I can not do this.
At win7 everything works, but for W10 errors.
Or maybe unfortunately this is not possible and I can only work on W7?


Does not anyone use MI4 on Win 10?

Yes, but not sure if it works with Cubase (especially Cubase 2.0). I have been using my MI4 with the following setup:

Reaper DAW 4.78-64bit
Steinberg MI4 driver and 1.0.6 firmware

I recently went back to W7-64bit due to W10 instabilities unrelated to music production.

hey guys, how you managed to get MI4 work in Windows 7??

Mine was working perfectly until I updated the Firmware to 1.06 now it does not boot on win7 or win10.
Also NO RESPONSE from Steinberg (I suspect they will say it is not supported now but it would be nice to hear that rather than just assume that to be the case!)

My MI4 died after the latest Win10 update. It has been working until october, but was rendered useless after the fall update. I tried every trick in the book, but when reinstalling the good old vista64-drivers, the device shows up as “normal” in the playback devices, but when I check the devicemanager, it “requires further installation” and is “not migrated”. I really hope that Steinberg will provide an updated driver for this, because it’s really not good for anyone if we have to throw away our MI4s and invest in a new device, since it’s actually a great soundcard. The environment cries.


in the past I ran into the same problem and didn’t expect the MI4 to be fully working under Windows 10 again. I could use it, but only without installing the drivers, and therefore without being able to change settings in the control panel.

But just now I succeeded in reaminating my MI4! What I did:

  • Upgrade the MI4 firmare (I don’t know, if anything was “upgraded” at all, or if the old upgrade was just overwritten)
  • Unplug the MI4
  • Uninstall the MI4 drivers (without rebooting)
  • Install the MI4 drivers using “Windows Viste Service Pack 2” compatibility mode, following the installation instructions (plug it in when prompted, etc.

I have no clue, why it’s working again all of a sudden, but maybe this can be of help for someone else.


Do you know if it’s possible to simply run the interface as solely a sound card? Like I purchased the interface today, but i don’t have an XLR mic or a guitar to plug it into yet. I was just planning on using it to run my headphones through, and buying other accessories when i have the money. The control panel has a direct route from the usb from host to phones, but There’s a “DA Conv.” in the way. I’m not sure what this is or how to bypass it. Help?

I followed the manyasone tips and it worked perfectly. I’m even using the protools Ultimate 2019 in it. It was awesome.
hahahaha I’m happy!
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just bought one, followed manyasone’s advice but no success. can’t get it to work in windows 10 1909, any help appreciated

I found a way to make the MI4 work on Windows 10 1909. TLDR : the solution is to not use any driver at all.

I figured it out by trying my MI4 on two computers : one with the drivers installed, and the other with nothing at all. It works on the latter with just the basic driver that Windows installs by itself when you plug the MI4 in.

So make sure to uninstall the drivers, and then go to Device Manager, right click on everything related to the MI4 and uninstall the device. It will then open a tiny window where you can select something like “also uninstall the driver”, select it as well.
Then I’d recommend unpluging the MI4, running CCleaner, and reboot the system. Then plug the MI4 in, let Windows recognize it and do it’s thing, and then everything works (except you don’t have the MI4 driver where you can activate 48v for example). But I managed to record a song with my guitar in Reaper.

Hope it’ll work for you guys as well, and thank you all for avoiding overconsumption and trying to make this old hardware last as long as possible ! :smiley:

Hi all, I just registered on this forum.

I bought my mi4 few years ago but I was not able to use it properly neither on w7 or w10. I tried also to run it on wXP by using virtual box. Anyone know if is possible to downgrade the firmware?

Every installation I did, I followed the steps of compatibility mode for Vista SP2. The pre’s of the card works for direct monitoring but it doesn’t work to AD/DA converters, I mean, is not possible to play anything from the computer throught the mi4 or record something.

Later I will try to do the uninstalling as @Soupape50 says, but I will need the phantom power to be able to record with condenser microphone.

If someone knows please share :slight_smile: I will study more about the possibilities.

Thank you all!

thanks soupape50, it worked. i would love to have the phantom power as well, if anyone knows how to do that please reply. the guy i bought it from said i could use a driver from another manufacturer and i tried a few drivers but with no success, and now i can’t reach him anymore. i got it for cheap so i won’t bother him. one thing i thought of is opening the box and looking for internal switches or jumpers, though if it can be done in software i have little hope for physical switches. but you never know.