Miasmic - Spectral Wrath (American black metal)


In addition to playing drums on this album, this is the first thing I’ve ever tried to record and mix, mastering was done by Mammoth Sound.

I used a PC laptop running Windows 7 64 bit, 64 bit version of Cubase 6 Elements, all stock plugins, and the UR824. Constructive criticism is welcome.

interesting genre…intro at 1 minute is way too long and there are some timing issues here and there. I dont know anything about this genre so maybe thats how it is…drums seemed way back to my ears, but as I said, maybe thats how it is with this genre…respect for the effort and creative work put into this…Kevin

Thanks for the comment. By “way back” do you mean the drums sound like they’re dragging?

Aside from that, what do you think of the mix?

the drums seem way back in the mix and seem a little “light” for this genre and there does seem to be some timing issues, ie …the snare seems a little “late” here and there…other than the drums being a bit low in the mix…bass drum for sure needs to come up a bit…can’t really say there are any probs with the mix but take into account that I don’t know much about this genre…just seems like heavy stuff so seems reasonable to have big drums upfront…best, Kevin


I just thought I’d drop a reply because I know how good it is to hear feedback on your projects.

Personally I think this is a great job. I love black metal and this is particularly to my liking.

The bass guitar seems high in the mix, but not to a bad degree. I guess that’s just my personal preferences coming in. Basically this song sounds finished and professional (low-fi and brutal) in my opinion, which is a compliment.

I don’t mind the snare being a little back in the mix for blast beats. It sounds realistic. You hear real drummers playing lighter when blasting at fast speeds (unless they use triggers) then every hit is basically at 100% volume. For this music, I think real drums sound best so it is a good mix.

As far as the other comment talking about the drums being ‘out of time’, I don’t think it’s muc hto worry about. I am a professional drummer, you could say, and I can hear the slight sloppiness, which I think is what they were referring to. But there is no actual out of time bits. This sounds like an old enthroned recording. Real drummer playing really well ---- but not quantised and metronomed to perfection. I like it; I guess you do too which is why it sounds this way.

keep it up.

I am just beginning to get myself to the stage you are at. So it is inspiring to hear the finished product is achievable.