Mic and MIDI issues with cubase artist 9.5 and behringer umc404hd


I am new to cubase artist (9.5). I have a small studio (4 input, 2 mics) for recording my personal projects. I got an MOXF8 workstation and chose cubase because yahama and steinberg work with one another. This is true, because when using my MOXF8 through a USB with the steinberg-provided drivers, everything works.

However, I like to record vocals and piano live. So, I need to MIDI in/out through my behringer (umc404hd) AI. I also have a Mic hooked into line one on the behringer. So, now the strangest things are happening.

First, cubase sees and recognizes the behringer (and the behringer-provided umcASIO driver). It sees and recognizes the MOXF8 as being present, also. It also picks up and recognizes that the mic is there. It also outputs the mic sound to my headphones. However, it does not output the MOXF8…so i can’t access my settings.

Second, while cubase “sees” the mic and also the input and output signals (when singing the EQ and clip are going) but when I press record, no sound is recorded! Occasionally (sometimes if I am lucky) it will record snippets, but they cut in and out for no reason (no clipping or volume issues that I can tell). also, the mic is dry.

So…cubase “sees” all these components but they seem to have trouble existing simulataneously (singing and playing at the same time).

I feel like this is something simple that I am missing in terms of device set up…

Any help!