Mic connection


I got a question about recording with a mic… I use a tascam US-122 MKII. I wont list up my settings, because I know they’re correct, I record a bass guitar without any problems.

Right now, i’m trying to connect a small PC mic to the Tascam. It has a small jack (smaller than the one for the bass), so i use a converter, so that the jack is the same size as that of the bass, and fits on the Tascam (use the mic/guitar in btw). However, no signal comes through at all…

Is that type of mic incompatible with the Tascam? Or is my method with the converter messing it up? I could perhaps use a converter from small jack to XLR, and use that input, or will that also not work?

Thanks in advance, if you need more info, just ask!

Propably it is. These PC microphones are a breed of microphones by themselves: they need small amount of power fed by the microphone connector on PC to produce any input. And NOT ONE pro or semi-pro audio interface does not provide this kind of power.

And anyway. The quality of these PC microphones is way below any acceptable level for recording music. Do yourself a favourite and buy a decent microphone.