Mic gain very low though RME shows it to be fine![SOLVED]

EDIT: Problem solved. Look at my last post. Output channel from Mic-> AS1/2 was set too low whereas I was fiddling the volume of Mic -> AN1/2).

Please help!

Weirdly today my MIC input seems very low. In RME TotalMix I can see the levels are just fine, but when I record in Cubase the levels seem to be 18 dB lower than at the very least. The waveform line looks like a flat line and I"ll have to zoom in very much to see the actual wave.

RME’s DIGICHECK shows -15 dB but Cubase’s Mixer input channel level shows -30dB. Any idea what’s happening?

It’s a condensor mic, phantom turned on, routed through ADAT from Babyface to 9652.


i would only be able to guess random things here…

Can you post your complete signal chain?
(Babyface on a different pc than ur 96/52? - which total mix are you looking at if two pcs. - dim function on? - restart of pc , make new input channel, different rme snapshot, yaddayadda, could be anything really…)

If its usually fine, and you changed nothing its probably a ghost wishing you well… It prolly knows that the session will not turn out as you had imagined and is stalling it… Good spirits… Gotto love em…:stuck_out_tongue:

P.s. Does that vstxml translator work within cubase? (Drag from mediabay to plugin?)

The issue i had today was that sounds were semi transposed by themselves btw… (Dunno if cubase or sampletank issue)

Edit: Just read you’re post again and it isn’t exactly the same thing. But similar

Same thing happened to me. Second day recording a band and I couldn’t figure out why the bass was coming in so low. I asked the guy about 10 times, if his bass was at the same volume coz I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out. Restarted… Still the same.

Just incase someone used the studio in between, I had taken pictures of all the pre-amps ect… . No one did but at least I knew for sure I wasn’t going mad.

Then we tracked the entire band, and every single channel had the same issue. I had to crank the gain 10-15dB to get back to the levels I had the day before. The drums were still mic’ed from the day before… everything was identical.

NO idea what could cause this. I was in the same session/project, just further down the time line.

Using Cubase 8.5, OS X, Lynx Aurora 16 (Not the Variable trim version) and the AES16 PCI-e card.

Would love to know what happened.

So did that problem go away automatically or do you still have this issue?

I’ve solved the issue and feel extremely stupid. How I missed this is beyond me.

So when I installed nvidia drivers, it wiped out all my RME settings, so I had to set it up from scratch. After that I had noticed this problem.

Turns out when I selected the MIC channel in my babyface interface by default it was the showing the output to the mains (which is irrelevant). It has no effect on how loud the signal going to ADAT/Cubase is. The output channel that mattered was AS1/2 to which the mic channel was set low. After I set it to unity gain problem went away. Doh!

I can confirm this issue over a long time - but since today I have a solution:
download and install the latest RME audio drivers for USB.

This solved my problem.