mic input from cubase pro 9.5 into halion 6

how do i get a signal through the daw into halion 6? it seems like there’s no way when it should be so simple!

Not at all. Unless Halion has audio inputs in the meantime.

Yes, you can record direct into Halion, it was introduced in version 6. Have recorded several of my own samples using this feature.

Not at my DAW at the moment but remember it’s not obvious at first…I recall you need to bring the input in via a side-chain (will have a look later). There is a Steinberg youtube video of how to do it somewhere too…think it’s this one.


…that video isn’t so great actually as the routing has already been set up.

As I said, you need to activate the side chain button in Halion 6.

Then you just need to route your signal from Cubase to this Side Chain using a Send. For live recording of samples you’ll need to have the monitor on the Cubase channel activated.
Once set-up it’s pretty straight forward but not obvious to start with I agree.

A very belated thanks to planarchist.