Mic input via headphone jack

hi at all …
i ’ m traveling a lot and so i need cubasis to record my musical ideas.
at the moment i am using the headphone jack for recording my vocals
via (don’t laugh!) an iRig Cast Mic. The connection ist very simple, cause
i put in the mic into the headphone jack and my headphones i put into
the headphone slot at the mic.
the problem is, that my vocal track records also the music that i have
recorded on other tracks. not loud, but i can hear it very well. if i decided
to use a delay on my vocals, the not desired music recording on my vocal
track will be delayed, too. you can imagine how does it sounds … lousy!
is there anything i should know about vocal recording this way???


Hi Tim,

Could this be related to cross talk given by the kind of headphones you have in use (does the amount of it change when you lower the playback volume)? If this is the case, it is suggested to use closed headphones when recording vocals.

Unfortunately we’re not equipped with an iRig Cast Mic device ourselves, I’d suggest to send our friends from IK Multimedia a short note.


hm … i think the main problem ist to record via the headphone jack at all …
but thank you for answering.

If you’re using earbuds you might try using some closed-back headphones.

It sounds similar to the “click” problem…my hearing has deteriorated, and I sometimes have a problem keeping the click track from being recorded when I’m doing vocals…