Mic Lag help!!

Using Cubase7 with a focusrite driver. getting a 1 second delay when I have the monitor on so i can hear myself thru the mic.
Already tried Device>Device Setup>Controll panel>Buffer Length>In/Output down to 7.2/9.2ms.
Anything else i can try?

Normally I do not waiste energy in questions when poeple do not put the specifications of their environment in either the signature or in your question.

For answers, It’s smart to give us more information rather then wait for someone to ask what computer you run what soundevice you have, are you mac or pc?

Sorry if this sounds blunt, but I think you’ll understand :mrgreen:

There is probably a buffer adjustment for the Focusrite itself. Try checking that by opening the Focusrite driver control panel (assuming there is one :wink: ). Also, there might be an adjustment for “direct monitoring” somewhere on the Focusrite too that you can switch on/off. This is probably explained in the device operation manual.

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Older focusrite soundscard had the issue that direct monitoring was only good working when using it via the focusrite mixer app. SO in that case you needed to disable direct monitoring in cubase and monitor through the mixer app.