Mic not an option

Trying to record vocals. I’ve tried both my Scarlett 6i6 and my Mbox 2.

The VST Audio System shows they are active. Renamed one mic1 so I could find it even. VST Connections show mic1 as an input. But the audio track only has stereo/left/right line in. And Talkback mic. None of which work. The mic works in other programs. I’ve checked for mutes. Sound is up. Record is enabled. I got it to work before. I have sound when using the 6i6 in the Scarlett mixer. Even tried soloing. I’ve watched the tutorials.

What am I doing wrong?

So far the only thing keeping me here is the Chord Track. And EZKeys and Band in a Box are looking better everyday.

Try to create a new MONO bus in vst connections and assign the mic input to it.

This should then be selectable in your track inputs.

If not post a screengrab of your vst connections inputs.

Yes! That worked! Thank you so much!