Mic not recording

I bought a new computer and have imported a project that I was working on with my old computer. The issue is I can hear my mic through the speakers but when I hit record it doesn’t record anything and it is flat lined. I’m doing everything the same that I did before but it’s not working and this project worked on my old computer.

I have downloaded the latest driver for my soundcard which is a UR22mkII and I am using cubase AI.

I have made sure the UR22mkII is connected in VST audio system and made sure its selected in the input/output connections:

I have selected ‘mono in’ for the input and ‘stereo out’ for the output on my channel in the inspector.

I’ve pressed the speaker and can see the blue level go up and down when I talk into the mic and I’ve also imported an instrumental track and can hear that play through the speakers.

I’ve also made sure that I’m arming the track for recording.

I’ve attached pics so you can see all the settings.

Really hope you guys can help me because I’ve been struggling with this all week!

Hi and welcome,

Isn’t the signal level just too low?

Everything seems to be totally OK from the screenshots and the description you provided.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?