Mic not working with UR22C

I just picked up the Steinberg UR22C Audio Interface, which I was hoping use for an online Piano lessons. Unfortunately, I can’t get the device to pick up either my Antlion ModMic (using a 3.5mm TRS to 6mm TRS adapter), or my Stadium Lavier mic (with a 3.5mm TRRS to 6mm TRS adapter).

The Antlion mic works in everything else, while the lavier mic works only on my iPhone. I assume it has some kind of pull-up circuit going on.

The interface works very well with the piano and guitar.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Do these mics need bias power or something? If so, how can I do that? Or do I need to change the input settings somewhere?


P.S. I posted this yesterday, but with links to the microphone products, and my account was permanently banned (first post ever, no warnings). I don’t know why the ban was issued, and the moderator hasn’t responded. I don’t think it violates the rules, but I have removed the links just in case that was the problem.

If you need links to the products to help troubleshoot, please let me know and I will post them.

Replying to myself:

Could it be that the mic needs ‘bias’ power, which the UR22C only supplies on the XLR connection?

If this is the problem, is there an XLR to 3.5mm adapter which will solve this?

That question would be best answered by the manufacturer, and it has been, in the Basics section of their FAQ page.

The UR devices don’t provide bias power, they provide phantom power, which is different. Your mics would need a converter.

As far as your previous post/account goes, we get 200 new members per day, 195 are spammers, and the main spam flag is links in a first post.

Thanks Steve,

Could you please show me where the FAQ page is? The only “FAQ” site Google returned for Steinberg was for an education discount. I have looked over the Steinberg Support page and the UR22C User Manual, and I can’t find it :frowning: (The manual only says “Connect a microphone with an XLR plug to the device. If you use a phone plug, the volume may be insufficient.”

I appreciate that spam would be a problem, but there is nothing in the registration guidelines about hyperlinks for new users. Perhaps you could add a notice in the registration guidelines that hyperlinks are only allowed by users with a certain number of posts? And, instead of an immediate permanent ban, you could simply ask the user to re-verify the account or something? Just a suggestion.

Thanks again for the help. I appreciate it. If you have anything more to share, I’m keen to learn more about this stuff.

The mic manufacturer, not Steinberg.

Could you please show me where the FAQ page is?

Hi Steve,

Thanks - I had overlooked the Antlion FAQ.

The UR devices don’t provide bias power,

I am looking for more info on this. Are you sure the device does not provide bias (or “plug-in”) power? It seems like that would preclude the use of most mic’s in the market if this is true, and would be worth mentioning in the manual or website.

Sorry if this is a silly question. Am a n00b when it comes to this, but trying to learn.

Check this out, it explains what each is, and how they differ: https://www.shure.com/en-US/performance-production/louder/shure-tech-tip-phantom-power-vs-bias-voltage

HI Steve,

Thanks again for the reply. In researching this issue, I did come across that page. What I am looking for is whether or not the UR22C supplies bias power. I know you mentioned that it doesn’t, but it seems weird to me, as a significant portion of mics would not work with this device. I would have thought that it would be mentioned in the manual or on the Steinberg website?

Where could I find more info regarding bias power for the UR22C?

I think you wrongly assume that a great number of people purchasing an interface such as the UR22C are planning to connect this type of microphone. It’s just not something that falls into the normal use category.

Whist I agree that my particular use case may not be typical for UR product users, I don’t agree that I have assumed “a great number of people purchasing an interface such as the UR22C are planning to connect this type of microphone.”

That said, I would be VERY surprised if I was the first who wants to use this interface with a Lavalier mic - especially with the podcasters and streamers.

I feel it would be reasonable to mention that the product will not power these types of condenser mics without additional hardware on the product web page, or at least in the user manual.

Fair enough.