Mic not working

I just bought a Rode NT1-A (mic) and a Steinberg UR-12. The mic isnt picking up any sound for some reason. I have installed drivers and everything. I have no idea how to fix this. Please help if you can. I just want to record a podcast etc. Im tech savy but have no idea what im doing with all this equipment.

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Is phantom power (+48V) turned on? The NT1 will require phantom power. The +48V light should be lit at the front of the unit. If not, please set the output knob all the way to the left before turning the phantom power switch to on. The +48V switch is located at the back of the unit.
A few other things:
-Do not connect or disconnect any devices while the phantom power switch is turned on
-When connecting devices not requiring phantom power to the mic jack, make sure to turn the phantom power switch is off

I also recommend reviewing the UR12 manual:

Page 10 gives an overview of recording and playback and is a great guide to get you up and running.

Thank you.

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